Our Journey began over 118 years ago in the small town of Etucuaro, Michoacan Mexico. Throughout the state of Michoacan & throughout Mexico, the region is known as the cradle of Artisan Crafted Mezcal. Our founding father, Joventino Mora passed down his fathers recipe down to his sons and the Mora Family has kept the family tradition alive passing down to the grandchildren & great grandchildren of the Great Joventino Mora, the original Mezcalero of our family. 


El Camino Mezcal was founded as a small idea & turned into a fully international liquor brand by its founder, Jason Ortiz, the Great Grandson of Joventino Mora. This idea soon turned into a global brand spanning across borders connecting the rural farmers & mezcaleros of Michoacan, Mexico to the global market of Mezcal. 


The Villa Mora Family keeps the Century Long Tradition their ancestors passed down to them alive by continuing to craft the purest and finest artisan mezcal. Our Family Recipe has been passed down for generations and will be introduced to the world as the first High End Mezcal as each batch is crafted to perfection, and even then the master distillers must still approve each batch of Mezcal.